How to make money the lazy way

Published: 10th March 2009
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OK, I am not lazy, but I do have a disability, so have to do things the easy way.

For years, I have been trying to make a bit of money to top up my benefits, and finally, I have found a system that works for me; it does take a bit of cash, and a bit of work, if you feel that way

inclined, but it does bring in a regular income, and has done for a little while now.

I also have a good friend that helps with the marketing, but that is up to you.

So what sites bring in the regular income, and which traffic systems work for me?

I mainly use co-operatives, they save energy, and the ones I use are not expensive, but do work.

First of all, there is Savvy Coop, give them your website, and they will surf a good number of sites for you, for a very small fee, and good results, the webmaster is also excellent.

Secondly, there is MTE, they have several packages, one is to surf 40 traffic exchanges for you, that is the standard package, then there is the Ultimate package, that includes safelists, exit exchanges to name a few. I have my traffic sites on MTE and my primary sites on Savvy Coop.

I also use Link Referral and Traffic Swarm.

Link Referral is an excellent site, as you have to review others sites, and in turn, they review yours, or you can cheat, and pay

to have your site in the top 10, and they review yours, it is up to you, if you wish to review theirs or not!

Traffic Swarm, is a very large Traffic Exchange, you click on other peoples' sites, and in turn, they click on yours, no review is made,

but as you click on their site, a credit goes to yours.

So which sites are our primary sites?

The first one is Acme, and is the best, you invite people to your site, they follow 3 steps, and receive $125.00, you invite others to do the same and receive $30.00 for each new member that joins, you also receive money from other sites they join in the process, e.g click bank, Global Domains etc, if you bring in 5 people to Global Domains in a week, you get $100.00 bonus through paypal.

Adsncash - this is both a traffic program, and brings a regular income. They start off, by giving you $250.00 worth of free advertising, for you to convert to banners, text ads and websites on their traffic exchange, you can upgrade, this is a one off upgrade, and can earn further advertising, by participating in their forum, Jason the webmaster is excellent, and he regularly gives out prizes, he also has training on how to make money on the net for free.

There is also an option, to put your favourite advertising website, and money making site through a tab called 'get advertising' on the left hand side of the members' area.

We have The Private Millionaire, which is a step by step guide to making a million, it is not an overnight job, but does work.

Leads Leap, is both a primary site, and lead generation site, you put your ads on their site, if upgraded, a million people get to see your ad, if just a free member, only your downline gets to see the ad. You receive great teaching, and for each new member that joins below you, you get paid residual income.

Now to put it all together!

As I said before, I put all my primary sites on Savvy Coop, so that is what you need to do.

First of all sign up to Savvy Coop, then sign up to all 3 of the primary sites, and follow the instructions, then add them to Savvy Coop, you can make a splash page using either Global Domains, or use Instant Squeeze page Generator.

You can have 3 accounts with Savvy Coop, as long as you have 3 emails addresses, and paypal accounts, dead easy to do, need any help, give me a yell.

Now sign up to MTE, Ultimate Package, you only need 1 of these, but you may want to have two for your primary sites as well, it is up to you.

Sign up to Leads Leap, Traffic Swarm, and put both of these and Adsncash on MTE, you can also add, banner and text ads with this site.

Now sign up to Link Referral, you need to have one of your sites on Link Referral together with a description of what it is about.

If you go for the clicking option, you will need to review 5 sites each day, click on another 25 and do one forum posting a day, to be in the top 10, but to be honest, as long as you do 5 review sites each day, that is enough!

Now with Traffic Swarm, you need to put your primary sites there, and either upgrade to pro, or click on other peoples sites' for about 30 - 60 minutes a day, to be honest, the pro membership is not worth it, I know, I am loosing money by saying that, as I would be paid for your payment, but it really isn't worth your while.

Then all you need to do is give your members the best customer service ever when they sign up underneath you, and you will have the money rolling in.

It doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen.

Good luck, and let me know if I can help you in anyway.


Due to my disability, I have to make money the lazy way, my article, tells you how I do it.

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